Svg Icon

Global icon component: Svg Icon.

By default, the Svg Icon component is registered in @/icons, and can be used anywhere in the project. All icons can be found in @/icons/svg. You can add or remove the icon by yourself, and the icon will be imported automatically without manual operation.


<!-- use icon-class to setting name; use `class-name` to customizing class -->
<svg-icon icon-class="password"  class-name='custom-class' />

Change color

By default, svg-icon reads its parent color fill: currentColor;

You can change the parent color or directly fill color.


If you are downloading an icon from iconfont, remember to use a tool such as Sketch to specify the size of the icon. Otherwise, the size of the icons in the project may not be uniform. .

The icons used in this project are all 128*128 size specifications.